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We are not a fund. We want to build a new kind of investor. Angel style. Founder friendly terms. Not report mania, but quick conversations. We won’t be your boss but your peer.

Read more about how we work in our service level agreement.

Our core business – Companies with some traction

We prefer to lead seed rounds, above $500k and below $2m, and take you to the A-round. Occasionally we also invest later stage. You need to have a solid team, and at least half a good product, and traction regarding numbers. We want to be able to have the discussion of how it becomes a $100m yearly revenue.

If you are a founder with ambitious plans to be a category leader, then we want to be part of your team.

Approaching us through a common connection is the best way to start a conversation. Every entrepreneur will face challenges that are a lot more difficult to overcome than getting connected. Needless to say, we believe in cold calls and cold emails so if you still can’t find your way in, send us a cold pitch here.

Pre-Seed and Idea Stages

Ideas need to come to life. Ideas and their execution are the bedrock for our civilization.  It’s hard to raise the startup capital when you have no proof that your idea will thrive, no MRR or massive user base – just the passion and drive of a great team on a mission. This troubles us and we can therefore also invest down to €125K checks in companies just starting out.


FAQ Pre-seed program application

  • What is the deal?

    • We will invest €125 000 in return for 10% using a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (“SAFE”) or its local Nordic equivalent (the “HATCH” or “WISE”). We think that €125 000 is enough for frugal founders to be able to run their company and pay expenses for around 12 months, and sometimes even longer.

  • Who is eligible for funding?

    • Nordic/Baltic founders in the region or diaspora

    • Teams of two or more

    • Has not raised any significant funding (excluding “friends and family”) to date

    • You have an idea, MVP or more

  • Is this an accelerator?

    • No.

  • Do all Nordic Makers invest?

    • Yes. We invested through a joint pooled entity.

  • Is there anything beyond money?

    • Network, monthly zooms (dinners etc once the world opens up).

  • How is this different from your “regular” investing?

    • Our late-seed stage investments have a dedicated partner that commits to working with the company

    • At late-seed we lead, co-lead or follow in rounds, this program is fixed.

How do I apply?

  • Fill out application form where you also submit a 3 minute video of product (Loom) or recorded pitch

    • Filtering

    • Call

  • Partnership presentation

    • Yes/No

  • Paperwork signed

  • Money wired