Where do you go from here?

Benjamin Ratz

I got my first at-home internet 56.6k connection in 1994 on a Mac Plus. I was instantly hooked. Ever since, I’ve been involved in various online projects where most have failed. I’ve been fortunate to live and work with great people a bit all over but primarily in Sweden, Poland, France, Belgium and Israel.

I believe in two sides of the coin, that questioning is healthy and my grade teachers would say I talked to much. This is probably what attracted me to law. Following law school, I did a stint in public policy but later pursued an M&A career with a law firm. Working closely with founders and venture capital firms, I was drawn to a different angle of tech and eventually jumped ship for an MBA and later joined lool ventures, an early-stage stage venture fund in Tel Aviv as part of the investment team. Three years later, family brought me back to the Nordics and I was pondering what to do next. I had first met Erik over lunch – he was sitting at the next table, listening to a pitch of a market that I knew far too well, so I got involved in the converation – but now him and others were set out to reinvent seed investments in the Nordics. I had to be part of this.

Benjamin Ratz facts

Venture Partner. Lawyer by training that moved into venture capital. Impressed by mission-driven and risk-taking founders with stellar plans and visions to execute.