I had no clue what to do, so I just started building.

Erik Byrenius

I am lucky enough to be born in Sweden where the government pays you €800 per month to study. Me and my two co-founders took 10% of that and started a company. That was enough to keep the company floating while we spent all evenings, weekends and vacations building an online food ordering business.

In August 2005, two months after the the first line of code was written, we launched the site and went back to school. We had no seed investors and no mentors. We were disoriented and had no clue how to build a company, but we somehow managed to get the marketplace up running.

Three years later we started working full time, initiated an international expansion and started hiring people. A serendipity tempted us to sell the company four years later. This forced us out from the caves into the real world. It was a rude awakening.

While thinking of what idea to pursue next, I started doing angel investments. Crazy as it may sound, the terms I got in my first investment were too good. I decided to publish a balanced and standardized term sheet for seed investments which I launched on StartupDocs together with some other free legal documents for startups.

As an angel investor you are never alone, but sometimes lonely, both socially and operationally. You can never fill up a whole round. You can help with a few things but are clueless about other things. You just cannot make a big enough difference to the companies you invest in.

That’s why I co-founded Nordic Makers. Together we can be that supporting seed investor I never had.

Erik Byrenius facts

Founding Partner. 30+ years old Swedish food lover. Unreasonably interested in the boring stuff, i.e. legal, metrics, mathematics and sleep patterns.