Home security for millennials

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Peace of mind that one’s home is safe when you are away is an amazing thing. Everyone who’s had a break-in and come home to find a window broken or ajar understands the feeling of abuse the Goldilocks bears felt. And it feels a lot worse than “Has someone’s been sleeping in my bed”…

When you sublet or Airbnb your apartment, you do wish that the tenants care about your home as you would. Won’t smoke, leave anything unlocked, or just play music to get you evicted later. It is a nagging feeling, irrespective if it is your apartment, house or summer home.

At the same time, it is almost an equally intrusive feeling with cameras looking at you when you are home. We mount all these “eyes in the sky” and hope that no one is watching if there isn’t an alarm. You have to choose between security and surveillance.

Enter Minut

We met Nils, one of the Minut founders, when he moved home from California from Apple and he had a sketch of the Point. We introduced him to a stellar developer, who became a co-founder, and quickly two more amazing people joined. As they joined HAX, did a $240k Kickstarter back in 2014, and got a first prototype created, it was a clear proof of a fantastic team with a bold idea. Minut are building a “home watch”, a “soft surveillance”, a system that would keep your peace of mind and learn how your home felt when it was calm.

Our thesis is that surveillance should be non-intrusive, learning and communicate with you in a human way. Minut’s AI, amazing hardware innovation, and design makes it an amazing innovation. We believe that the team will craft various experiences and build a database of all sounds and a learning system that will be invaluable.

Today the team is 8 people based in Malmö, Shenzhen, and California. Today they have shipped more than 6000 Point devices. A new version is coming soon, that allows users to train the system with their own sounds.