Service Level Agreement

We believe in hard work, mad entrepreneurship, technical brilliance, brave leadership, great insights, extraordinary design and great intuitions. We believe in the ambition to create new categories and change industries at the wedge of a fresh idea.

With such ambition come obstacles, failures, and the emotional rollercoaster of going from terror to ecstasy to terror at the reload of a dashboard, call from a prospective partner, or resignation of a co-founder, and the Nordic Makers team has experienced more of these than any other investment team in Northern Europe. We have decades of experience helping founders through thick and thin.

So why on earth partner with one team over another? Besides our individual knowledge and networks, we offer the following SLA to the businesses we partner with.

  • Do no harm. You are in the driver’s seat, and we believe in keeping it like that. We offer our help when asked, but don’t bring our own agenda, or vie for control over your work.
  • Friendly investment terms. A great ecosystem starts with great habits around investing and great terms. We strive to keep investment terms simple, like we wish we would have had when we built our businesses. You can find our terms here.
  • Lead partner. We only invest when one of us says “Yes, I believe in this team and this vision, and I want to help.” The lead will have relevant experience with your type of company, business model, sector, and/or stage. The lead will spend time with your business, and serves as your main contact with the Nordic Makers team. You can decide if you want to have a regular meeting or call with the lead, or simply pick up the phone from time to time.
  • Trusting community. The entire Nordic Makers team is available on a Nordic Makers Family Slack group, and through events such as the Nordic Makers dinners, and other get-togethers we host. Here you will also meet peers from other of our investments and the industry at large.
  • Simple setup. When Nordic Makers invests, we invest through a simple special purpose vehicle so you only gain one entry on your cap-table, and the lead partner signs on our behalf (which can save a surprising amount of ink).
  • Great co-investors. We started Nordic Makers to raise the bar for early stage investing in the Nordics. We also know that we can’t do that alone, so we work with some of the world’s best funds to make sure that your business stays ahead of the curve.