Machines have not yet taken over creativity

Michael Seifert
Growing up, I lived in Denmark and would spend summers and holidays with my father in California. That’s where I was first introduced to the Apple ii+ and I was immediately hooked! Decided at a young age that I wanted to build the world’s first self-aware computer and realized I needed to build a big company to have the financial means to achieve that. Programmed intensely from adolescence until my mid-30s. At the age of 15 I started my first computer company Danbyte, importing computer equipment to Bornholm (Denmark). At CS at Copenhagen University, I co-developed DikuMud, a wildly popular open source multiplayer text-based role-playing game.
The past two decades, I have spent most of my time building Sitecore until it became a Unicorn. I was a co-founder and CEO up until my exit in 2017. And on my childhood ambition? With age and wisdom I’ve realized that it would be far too dangerous to attempt to build a self-aware computer. Machine learning of course is different and remains incredibly exciting.


Michael Seifert facts

Partner. Co-founder of Sitecore, Pentia, DIKU MUD, any many more. Machine Learning and new research/technology.