Non-obvious facts are fascinating

Moaffak Ahmed
Having lost everything in the bankruptcy of our previous fintech startup, we couldn’t get any customers in Finland. Those were the times when failing meant a “lifelong” stigma. Thus, we started Trema as a born global company 🙂 Got our first customers in Sweden, and gradually we grew the business global. Trema (today part of ION Trading) is the global leader in high end fintech solutions, enabling financial institutions, central banks and Fortune 500 corporations to digitise and automate their most business critical processes. It was a great journey and I learned a lot, mostly by making mistakes and observing others’ mistakes.
After exiting Trema, I’ve been dividing my time between pro bono activities (e.g. and Slush), some weird stuff (teaching capitalism to North Korean students) and investing in 60+ early stage technology companies. I love to work with passionately ambitious entrepreneurs who want to disrupt boring businesses and create amazing companies.
I enjoy challenging established truths and asking seemingly innocent/stupid questions.

Moaffak Ahmed facts

Partner. Serial entrepreneur turned angel investor, turned professional investor. On numerous boards, including the tech conference Slush, Nosto and many more.